Suricata is developed by the OISF, community and supporting vendors.

Core Team

Matt Jonkman President
Matt brings over 15 years of security and entrepreneurial experience to the foundation. Matt is the founder of Emerging Threats , an open source IDS Ruleset, and Emerging Threats Pro which is a commercial version of the Emerging Threats ruleset. This makes Matt a consumer of the OISF Engine and an ideal person to lead the foundation.  Matt resides in Lafayette, Indiana.
Victor Julien Lead Programmer
Victor has been active as a software developer in the infosec community for many years. He is the creator of the Vuurmuur firewall project, has been one of the developers at the Snort_inline IPS project. Victor has spent the last years doing contract development on Open Source security software including significant additions to Snort. At the end of 2007 he started development on the OISF codebase on which he now leads the development effort. Victor maintains a blog at and uses twitter at Victor resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Kelley Misata Director of Marketing and Outreach
Kelley Misata is a strategic thought leader who combines over 15 years in business leadership roles with a passion for facilitating critical conversations around responsible digital citizenship, digital safety, and free of speech online. Her work at OISF spans across business development, fundraising, marketing and outreach activities with a wide array of stakeholders. Kelley combines her professional successes in strategic business development with a unique perspective as a survivor of cyberstalking. She draws on current trends and conversations in digital security with local and federal law enforcement, information security experts and national resources to create strategies which incorporate the human side of information security. Bringing to the table a fearless and unique perspective drives Kelley’s successes in her professional and academic endeavours. Kelley holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing her PhD in the Information Security Interdisciplinary Program at Purdue University.
Andreas Herz Programmer
Andreas is a software developer with focus on open source and security related projects. He’s working in the open source community for over 10 years and specialized in Linux networking and Multi-Threading. Andreas uses twitter at and resides in Germany.
Eric Leblond Programmer
Eric Leblond has been a security and open source professional since the end of the 20th century. He has created and has been lead on the NuFW project aimed at creating an identity based enterprise firewall. He is a long-term contributor of Netfilter, the packet filtering framework inside Linux where, among other work, he has made major contribution to ulogd2, the userspace logging daemon.A frequent speaker in French free software and security conferences, Eric also writes articles in the specialized press like Linux Magazine France. For example, he was the main author of the Netfilter special issue ( He is also co-founder of the INL/EdenWall company where, as CTO, he succeeded in building enterprise-grade network appliances based on NuFW. Eric is now a freelance consultant in security and free software.
Jason Ish Programmer
Jason is a professional software developer with over a decade of experience developing and integrating open source solutions in the security and networking fields. Jason’s experience covers device drivers right up to user interfaces, including co-founding and acting as a CTO of an IDS integrator which was later acquired. Jason currently resides in Saskatoon, Canada.
Peter Manev Lead QA
Peter has 10 years experience in the IT industry, including enterprise level IT security practice. An adamant admirer and explorer of innovative open source security software, Peter is currently a Security Solution Architect.Peter resides in Gothenburg, Sweden.

 Will Metcalf  QA
 Will comes from the government and law enforcement IT Security sector with over nine years experience. In addition Will has had involvement with various open source projects over the years including snort_inline and maintains a blog at In 2012 Will joined the Emerging Threats Pro team. Will currently resides in Kansas.

See also the team page at OISF.


Suricata has many contributors. Ohloh automatically keeps a list based on our git repository. It can be found here.

Supporting Vendors

Significant parts of Suricata have been developed and continue to be developed by our Consortium Members.