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Github repository move

Ever since we’ve used github for Suricata development we’ve used Victors personal repository at inliniac/suricata as the main repository. As of today this has been changed.

The new repository location is OISF/suricata, which lives in the OISF organization at github.

It is a move of Victors original repo, so the existing open pull requests moved to OISF/suricata. Existing URLs should still work, as they are automatically redirected to the OISF/suricata repository.

Other than it looking better and more professional, this move as the advantage of the use of github teams we define in the OISF organization. This means it’s going to be easier to assign reviews to team members and outside contributors. We’ll add regular contributors as ‘outside collaborators’ so PRs can be assigned to them for review.

Like with the personal repository previously at inliniac/suricata, Victor remains the only one with rights to pushing to the official branches (master and master-z.y.x). However in his absence the rest of the team can create emergency branches and releases.

In the coming weeks we’ll try to update all existing documentation references to inliniac/suricata.

Please let us know if there are any unexpected issues from this move.

Daily Suricata Ubuntu PPA for the git master

We have created a new Ubuntu PPA that is updated daily to the current git master. This means it will always contain the latest fixes and features, fresh from our developers.

To use this PPA read our docs here. Naturally, as this is development code it may have serious bugs. So use with care.

If you’re using this PPA, updating is as simple as:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

The PPA Ubuntu packages have IPS mode through NFQUEUE enabled.