Get trained by the people that develop Suricata! In 2014, we started with a brand new training curriculum. Learn how to install, upgrade and operate Suricata in our very hands-on training session. Learn IDS and rule/signature basics, performance analysis & tuning, and basic debugging.

The curriculum has been updated to cover Suricata 4.0.


  • Install and Use Suricata
  • Learn the basics of Suricata Rules
  • Work to tune Suricata for your environment(s)
  • Discover intrusions and other unwanted activity
  • Introduce key next steps in using Suricata effectively

 Public Training Events

If your company in interested in hosting a public training session, please contact us!

Dedicated Training Events

In addition to the public events, it’s also possible to do on-site training. Please contact us if you’re interested in an on-site training.


To participate, make sure you bring a laptop:

  • Able to connect to our private wifi setup
  • With a SSH client installed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen to the revenue of these training events?
    • After subtracting the cost for the events themselves, all proceeds will go to Suricata development.
  • What is the difference between the 1 and 2-day events?
    • In the 2-day event, we will go much more in-depth, especially about high-performance tuning and rule writing.

This page will be updated with new training events.